Your Pet’s Water

Clean drinking water is critical to your pet's health. Show your pets you love them by giving them high quality water that they deserve!

What kind of pet(s) do you have? A cat, dog, bird, bunny or reptile. It does not matter the species, all animals need clean drinking water all the time to live a quality life!

Water Softeners, Tap Water & Your Pets

Just like people should NEVER drink water from a water softener, neither should your pets. A water softener is ANY water device in your home that uses salt, even if the person who sold it to you calls it something else. Water softeners remove hardness and minerals from your water and replace them with large amounts of sodium from the salt that water softeners use. It is called an ionic exchange. It is a fact. High amounts of sodium, especially for prolonged periods of time can cause high blood pressure and even heart issues such as heart failure or death. If it is an older pet these issues are even more of a concern.

So if you have a water softener you should drink bottled water or add a reverse osmosis filter in your kitchen for all of your cooking and drinking water. And you should give bottled water or reverse osmosis filtered water to your pets as well. The best reverse osmosis units we have found are sold by a very reputable online company Their normal price is only $199 for everything you need. If you tell them you are a patron of our site, they will give you afifty dollar discountfor a reverse osmosis!

After reading all of these things that can be found in my tap water and water softner, I decided that I do not want me or my pets to be exposed to any of it! I am happy I found a trustworthy and reasonably priced website that really helped me. They where very friendly and gave me great advice!

While the government does have regulations and guidelines for tap water, many known toxins and carcinogens are still in the water. The following 5 issues are common causes of problems for you and your pets.

1.) Chlorine is used as a bacteria retardant and pathogen deterrent. This chemical can actually react with healthy nutrients to form cancer-causing agents in the body.

2.) Fluoride is another problem. Studies have shown that fluoride can adversely affect organs and be carcinogenic.

3.) Lead is a big problem. Many cities plumbing structures could possibly be 100 years old! How are you supposed to know about your plumbing structures and why take the chance?

4.) Arsenic and Radon are quite scary. These contaminants can enter the water in a number of ways, including industrial pollution and run off from fields and farms using pesticides and herbicides.

5.) Bacteria and Parasites. Most of the time bacteria and parasites can enter through the ground water supply, especially if there is heavy run off, landfill, sewage pollution or animal waste. This might contain the potentially deadly strains of coliform or e. coli. That is defiantly something I do not want my pets to drink! Would you drink that?

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