The P.A.W. Method

Positive Associations Work

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Lyndie Kelley, ABCDT & Behavior Consultant


Please Remember: Your dog should never be in a warm or hot car, for any length of time, even with the windows cracked. The dog could suffocate, have a heat stroke and die in minutes. They are more sensitive, like a human baby.

The P.A.W. Method services Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Positive Associations Work (P.A.W.) mixes dog psychology, positive reinforcement training and overall common sense to teach you how to have a better quality relationship with your dog in the privacy of your home.

All dogs do not want to be unbalanced or have behavior issues. I want to helpyour dog to be live in the moment and I want to help you change your conversation with your dog and be more natural and primal. You must be in the moment too. I want you to have connectionthat goes beyond, owning a dog. Your dog can be your best friend, your companion, dogs are truly amazing creatures. They just need the proper direction so they know what you want them to do for you.

You and your canine will get one on one attention with the very best in animal behavior. You and your family will get expert advice and guide you to a new way of living with your dog.

All methods are positive and help the owner understand the mind of their dog.

I do not believe in the use of choke chains, prong collars or shock collars of any kind.

I will not work with these devices. They are dangerous mentally and physically.

The P.A.W. Method will allow you and your dog to have fun while learning!



The P.A.W. Method was created by Lyndie Kelley, Certified Dog Trainer and an expert in canine behavior.

The method itself is based on commitment, knowledge, understanding, leadership and compassion.

The P.A.W. Method is immersed in positive training techniques and the psychological mind of your dog.

Learning why your dog is doing what he/she is doing is the first step in the right direction.

Understanding the behavior of our canine companion and learning new ways to modify the behavior to the needs of our human world is a new doorway that may be hard to open on your own.

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Lyndie Kelley DBA,

The P.A.W. Method

Positive Associations Work

I am located in Pittsburgh, PA. I service several areas, please go to the "Contact Me" page and get in touch with me so I know where you are located. Thank you!

I acceptallbreeds, ages and temperaments. I am not breed prejudice and I believe that every canine can change his/her behavior if the owner is willing to put in the work and follow through!

Areas that I service include but are not limited to… Fox Chapel, Aspinwall, Etna, Millvale, Blawnox, Shaler, Oakmont, Verona, Hampton, Gibsonia, Glenshaw, North Shore, Pittsburgh and more…

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